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We are a team populated with skilled yachtsmen to deliver pristine yacht services to our valued clients. Ours is to generate and deliver a planning and strategy to delivery yachts all over the world in the best possible conditions. Our coverage is global and we have already done this so many times, and we still want to do it for you and many others.
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Track 'n Trace

Our unique feature allows you to track the voyage of your vessel through your smartphone, tablet or computer as it moves around the world.

Satisfied Customers

Our goal is always to make our customers happy, which is why our delivery process is designed to be transparent, safe and easy.

Always on Time

We expertly plan and charter the course prior to departure, so you can be sure that our professional team will deliver your yacht on schedule.
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Regorious Preparation

In order to let our clients fully understand the yacht delivery procedure, we use a four-stage process that is completely transparent throughout.

Upon first contact, we will consult with you to understand your needs and develop a clear strategy to delivery your vessel quickly, safely and for the lowest possible price.

We identify the pickup and drop-off location, map out the route and advise on any additional information needed for the delivery.


Your Yacht

To ensure a safe and secure journey, we rigorously test the boat before departure.

By performing in-depth checks on the engine, boating systems, electronics, rigging and every other aspect of the boat, our expert team has your boat ready for delivery within one day.

If there are any issues that arise during the inspection, we will notify you immediately and will work together to find the best solution in order to solve the problem and have the boat on its way.

When possible, our experienced staff will perform minor repairs to have the boat ready for delivery immediately.

Any interior areas of the boat which are not necessary and may be damaged during the voyage will be covered for protection.

We simply prepare your yacht for the voyage so she is in the same shape as we are to sail off together.

Yacht Delivery loading Yacht Planning
Yacht Delivery voyage Yacht Planning

The Voyage

The Most Important Part

Our primary concerns during the delivery are the safety of personnel onboard and the well-being of your yacht.

The expert Yachtmaster has the final decision on when it is acceptable to depart each day, to ensure that the crew and boat arrive safely.

To reduce the wear on your yacht during the trip, the skipper will use the most effective methods of motoring or sailing.

Follow Your Yacht

Daily Updates

We offer the uniquely incredibly service that allows our clients to follow the voyage from their mobile device or computer, for free.

As soon as the boat departs from the harbour, you will be able to track its progress and ensure that the delivery is going as planned.

All of our deliveries are provided with a high-powered GPS location device that constantly updates the coordinates.

No matter where in the world you and your boat are, you can view its location by simply logging into your account on Compass Yacht Delivery website.

A great way to document all the voyages that your yacht has ever taken, this feature is a client favourite as they can follow every movement of the vessel in real-time.

Yacht Delivery yacht-following Yacht Planning
Yacht Delivery yacht-cleaning Yacht Planning

After Yacht Care

We Care About Your Yacht.

As soon as your boat is safely delivered to the location of your choice, we will provide you with a detailed report of the voyage, including the full log book.

Once the boat is docked, we will re-test all the major functions including the engine, boating systems and rigging.

Finally, in order to have it perfectly ready for your first sail, we will give it a thorough cleaning inside and out!

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