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We are a team populated with skilled yachtsmen to deliver pristine yacht services to our valued clients. Ours is to generate and deliver a planning and strategy to delivery yachts all over the world in the best possible conditions. Our coverage is global and we have already done this so many times, and we still want to do it for you and many others.
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Great Customer Service

Our incredible, friendly staff are always available to answer questions about pricing, delivery and anything else you may need to know.

Strive for Satisfaction

We want our clients to have an amazing yacht delivery experience, so we do whatever we can to make the process as enjoyable as possible.

Contact us Now

We are eagerly awaiting your call or email, so contact us today to speak with an expert yacht delivery member!

Join Our Crew

If you are interested in a price quote, have questions about our delivery options or have any other queries, please contact us today by either phone or email. Our professional staff are always on hand to answer your questions in a timely manner.

If you are an experienced sailor, or at least someone with experiences in offshore sailing and you would like to work for Compass Yacht Delivery as part of our delivery team, we would like to hear from you as soon as possible.

Please send us an email to the address below with information about yourself, your sailing experience and an attached resume. We ask that you specify if you have a preference for motorboat delivery, sailing yacht delivery or eventually both.

We Love to Hear From You

Are you qualified and experienced sailor with a passion for water and would you like to work as a crew-member or skipper for Compass Yacht Delivery ?

Please send us an email with a short introduction of yourself, your sailing resume and availability. Please specify if you are interested in motor yacht or sailing yacht  deliveries or both.

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